How To Use Whatsapp’s Voice Calling Feature

Whatsapp is a messenger which is really quick and simple to use which allows you to send messages without the SMS cost. This messenger is very popular among the youngsters in many parts of the world. This messenger is available in android, iPhone and Blackberry and requires an internet connection for use. Recently WhatsApp has upgraded voice calling service in its application.

The voice calling feature lets you to call your friend without paying rather you need an internet connection. If you are not using an android mobile phones then you have to wait for some time for using this feature. Whatsapp has installed voice calling service for every android user. If you are using the android phones but still haven’t used the voice calling feature of WhatsApp than simply follow the following procedures:

  1. First, go to play store and download the latest version of whatsapp. The older version of whatsapp doesn’t support the voice calling feature as it has been upgraded recently.
  2. Once downloaded and installed the latest version, ask one of your friends who have this feature installed to call on your whatsapp number.
  3. For using this feature giving just a missed call doesn’t work rather one should receive the call and wait for a few second to activate the voice call service.

Whatsapp Voice Calling

After following the above procedure the voice call feature will be activated and can be used. After this feature is activated, three tabs will be seen below the application i.e. contacts, chats and calls. Contacts tab shows the overall contacts that is saved on your phone, chats tab shows the list of chats from before and calls tab shows the history of calls that you have been receiving and dialing.

There is one of the risky methods to activate and use this feature. This is risky in a sense that it requires downloading a higher version of whatsapp that is not officially released from the whatsapp. To use the whatsapp calling features from this risky method, the following are the procedures:

  1. Initially, check whether you have a strong antivirus and it is updated.
  2. Download v560 version of WhatsApp from the original website of the website.
  3. Also download the v561 version.
  4. After this, copy both apps files in phone storage and install v561 by just a simple click.
  5. Now go to app manager in your android phone and force stop the WhatsApp which will allow the WhatsApp to restart.
  6. Now let the WhatsApp enabled caller to call, which will enable your voice calling feature and use it efficiently.