Top 5 Mobile Brands

Mobile phone, commonly known as cell phone, is widely used by almost every people in the world. As it is used by many, the demand for these is also very high. Mobile phones are particularly used for receiving and making calls. Nowadays cell phones are also often used for internet browsing, listening to songs, watching videos and also for many other purposes. As there is high demand of cell phones, many mobile phone brands has been established in the current situation. There are numerous brands of mobile in the current market that are competing against each other for maximum sales of their products. Following are the top5 best mobile brands whose sales are growing day by day.

SAMSUNG – Samsung is one of the largest multinational companies which are located in South Korea. The founder of the multinational company, Lee Byung-chell, is also operating various other companies. Samsung has been globalizing its works, in electronics where mobile phones has become the major source of their income. Samsung is greatly contributing in the economic development of South Korea. There are many branches of the Samsung mobile brands, spread all over the worlds, which are all operated by Samsung. At present Samsung is further expanding its business for higher rate of sales.

NOKIA – Another brand of mobile phones which can be listed in top 5 is Nokia. Nokia is the finest company operating in mobile phones in the present market, which has been the tough competition for the other brand of mobile phones. It is also a multinational company operating over more than 120 countries. It earns revenue over €12.73 billion and sells its products over 150 countries. Nokia is currently focusing in the large-scale production of its product, developing the technologies and helping in income generation in the country.  Nokia, in the year 2014, entered into a bond with the Microsoft to use windows phone in its future Smartphone. This mobile company is greatly contributing in the National Income of its home country.

APPLE – The third name listed in top 5 mobile brands is Apple. Apple is also a multinational company whose headquarter is situated in California. It is a company that develops computer software, manufactures iPhone, provides online services and designs and manufactures personal computers. According to a survey of 2014, Apple nearly sold 150.78 million iPhone in that year whereas the company sold 130.13 iPhone in 2012. It is one of the largest mobile phone selling companies in the world. It is the second largest IT Company in the world, in the back of Samsung electronics. The revenue earned by Apple from the whole world sums up to $182 billion in the year 2014.

HUAWEI – Huawei is the fourth among the top 5 brands in today’s mobile era. This mobile brand came forward in 1987 and is headquartered at China. The company was founded by Ren Zhengfei, who was a former engineer in an institution in China. This company is the largest among the producers of telecommunication accessories in the whole world. The latest Smartphone of Huawei is Ascend which is very popular among most of the people in the world. Huawei has been employing 140,000 employees of which 48% of them are working in research and development field. Its business is expanded to 140 countries and profit on the record of Huawei in 2010 was 23.9 billion.

LG – LG is the fifth among the top 5 mobile company brands. LG i.e. Lucky Goldstar is a Korean multinational corporation. It is the fourth largest company owning a large numbers of international enterprises. It is a company that holds numerous companies worldwide including telecom, electronics and chemical fields. It mainly produces digital appliances, mobile phones etc. LG also operates the Coca-Cola Company in Korea. LG has become one of the world most popular mobile brands which are used by people in various part of the world. On January 2013 LG had become world second largest company in US market share overtaking Apple but fell to fifth place after the released report in august 2013.

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