The One Stop Wonder into the Punjabi Way of Life

The place with arguably one of the best food in India, the most delicious varieties of lassi and the main pilgrimage site for Sikhs all over, Amritsar is a one stop wonder for you to learn all about the Punjabi way of life. This hugely popular city is highly celebrated and full of life and life here is lived king sized. You will get to eat some of the best dishes you have ever eaten whether it be in a roadside dhaba in Amritsar or a fine dining restaurant. This article talks about a visit to Amritsar and what the city offers.

Amritsar tour packages

Amritsar is the main pilgrimage site and centre of Sikh religion. Its name is derived from name of the water body surrounding its famous Golden temple. Broken up into parts, Amrit stands for ‘elixir’ and Sar, is just the short for Sarovar late, which when put together technically means “holy pool of nectar”. Amritsar is popular not just for being a pilgrimage site but is also a major tourist destination with Amritsar tour packages boasting of numerous historical sites to explore and a city with all modern amenities. Its commercial involvement does not only stop with tourism but extends further to mass farm produce, handicrafts, fabrics and much more. The city also played a huge impact in the freedom struggle of the country where the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919 happened in the very soil of Amritsar.

The main attraction in Amritsar is hands down the Golden Temple. The most popular Gurdwara in the entire country, this temple attracts not only devotees from all over the world but is also a major crowd puller in terms of tourist attractions. It is considered as one of the landmarks in India’s tourism and places of interest. This temple, also known as the the ‘Darbar Sahib’, is surrounded by the lake of Sarovar and the temple structure is covered with close to 400 kgs of gold. The water of the lake is believed to an Amrit which translates to ‘elixir’ or ‘immortal water’, which makes the devotees believe in the presence of medicinal powers in the water. The structure of the temple reflects a unique style of Hindu and Muslim architecture and the complex showcases a fine array of shrines dedicated to the various prominent Sikh saints and martyrs.

Another major tourist attraction of the city is the Attari Wagah border. Also called the Berlin wall of Asia, this place marks the border between India and Pakistan in the Grand Trunk Road between Amritsar and Lahore. The attraction of the place is not the site itself but a special ceremony which is held every evening. The ceremony called ‘lowering of the flags’ is held every evening in this very spot and has been a tradition followed since 1959. A powerful and energetic parade is displayed by the Border Security Force of India and the Pakistan Rangers Soldiers. The ceremony takes place for about 40 to 45 minutes and after the display of the parade, an intense march by one of the soldiers from both sides marches forward and extends a handshake and the ceremony is closed with the national anthem.

Amritsar has good connectivity through air, rail and road. Most Amritsar tour packages begin their tour from New Delhi as it is easily approachable by trains, Volvos and taxis. There are ample of choices for your stay both budget friendly and luxurious and is the ultimate paradise for non vegetarians as Punjab’s non vegetarian dishes are the most popular in the whole country.