Best Mobile Phones of 2015

The use of mobile phones is increasing day by day with the change in time. In the present time, mobile phones have become one of the major parts of the human’s life. Without mobile phones, it is very difficult for a person to perform a certain tasks assigned to him/her easily and correctly. Recently many best mobile phones are released. Now-a-days mobile phones are released as Smartphone which are very much well developed and smarter. Every Smartphone have its own specific unique features. The best phones of 2013 with their features are listed as below:

Samsung galaxy S6 – Samsung has just removed the cover from its latest Smartphone design. This phone created a great sale after its release. The s6 is made up of Gorilla glass which makes it look very amazing in the front and base is covered with a colored metal to make it attractive. It is slimmer than any other phone of Samsung. The phone display screen is 5.1 inch wide and its resolution is 2560 x 1440.

Samsung galaxy S6

Sony Xperia z3 compact – Sony xperia is one of the most outstanding phone of Sony which is being used by most of the people in many countries. It is slimmer i.e. pint size, with a lot of features packed in it with a very small price. One of the features that make this phone unique is that it is waterproof that provides incredible performance and huge entertainment. Its screen is 4.6 inch and supports low light camera which is very useful.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Nexus 5 – Nexus 5 has become one of the superb smartphone of 2015. The design of the phone as a whole is superb and price is also low when comparing with other smartphones. It is a very powerful phone as everybody need and the screen is also amazing. The improved camera features of this phone will let you capture the amazing moments of your life. Its screen is 5 inches with a stunning display.

Nexus 5

iPhone 6 – iPhone, a product of Apple Company is very famous all around the world. It has released many models of Smartphone among which iPhone 6 is one of them which was released in 2015. iPhone 6 is a very beautiful in look, amazing to use and is has 4.7inch screen with amazing display, slimmer and powerful than past phones of Apple.

iPhone 6

LG G3 – The phones of LG is also growing its sales gradually due to its uniqueness. LG G3 has a very wide screen and is a super-fast phone. The resolution of this phone is also very high. Due to its higher resolution and faster camera, it is listed in the top phones of April 2015.